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Visionchart manufactures a range of illuminated signs that can be used in all Hospitality areas ..
specifically as say ...a Menu Sign.
These signs are illuminated (electrical) ... and suitable only indoor use only.

For non illuminated Menu Signs ... click here for our Executive Signs.

Modular Menu Systems

Illuminated menu system with 2 modules
 It seems funny to say ... but ... people "eat with their eyes".  In other words, the presentation of your food (and it's pricing display) factor significantly when people make a decision to purchase a food item. Our Menu Signs place your food items pricing ... on best display.
It's easy and good looking !

Each module can be bought in either the following formats :
650 x 485mm
15 Text Lines & 1 Header - Portrait
650 x 485mm
12 Text Lines & 1 Header - Landscape
650 x 485mm
8 Text Lines & 1/2 size Photo
650 x 485mm
Full Size Photo

Restaurants and cafes should also see our :

Electric Blackboard
(Sometimes called a "FluoroBoard" or a "Light n Write")

Electric blackboard, 650 x 480mm
   The Visionchart "Electric Blackboard" is a great way of advertising.  Simply write on the scratch resistant writing surface (with the fluoro pens provided) and your message glows ... just like neon !
Fantastic for attracting attention ... and increasing sales in all Retail areas.

650 x 480mm
650 x 650mm
650 x 900mm
650 x 1200mm

Galaxy Display Case

Our new Galaxy sign
  An illluminated sign display case ... ideal for movie and promotional posters !!
A touch of 'Hollywood' is now available.. for anywhere !  A stunning illuminated sign complete with flashing lights around the perimeter of each sign !

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