FOYER  SIGNS -  wall mounted

Executive Letterboard - 600x450mm
The LETTERBOARD is an 'open faced' wall mounted sign.
By 'open face' ... we mean ... no cover.
This product comes with either a polished gold or silver frame in a choice of grooved (some countries call it a 'ribbed') background.
Ideal for quick and easy display of information ... that changes.
Some good potential uses include :  as a display for opening/closing times, food/drink prices,
bus or train departure information.  Any use whereby the general public do not have access to the
sign (there is no cover ... so the public could tamper with your advertising message).
Some popular sizes include :
Code Size
EXLB1 450 x 300mm
EXLB2 600 x 450mm
EXLB3 750 x 600mm
EXLB4 900 x 750mm
EXLB6 1200 x 750mm

Don't forget to specify whether it's Portrait (H x W) or Landscape (W x H)
Other sizes are available.
Frame measures a slim 23 x 15mm
Background felt colours include :
Burgundy, Black, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Smoke Grey & Brown

Executive Security Case - with a lift off cover
The SECURITY CASE is a wall mounted Executive sign with a secure lift off clear acrylic cover.
The cover is secured by a central locking screw.
Ideal for applications which require 'tamper proof'  information.
Areas which would benefit from the Security Case include :  Floor directory information, Currency
Exchange information, Coming Attractions details etc.
A polished gold or polished silver aluminium frame is standard.
Frame measures 38 x 23mm
Background felt colours include :  Burgundy, Black, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Smoke Grey & Brown
Code Size
EXSC1 450 x 300mm
EXSC2 600 x 450mm
EXSC3 750 x 600mm
EXSC4 900 x 750mm
EXSC5 1000 X 900mm
EXSC6 1200 x 750mm


Our Security Case as a 'Directors Sign
   Our Security Cases can be used in a variety of ways.  Use changeable lettering and say photographs ... for a Directors board.   Use your imagination.   Our signs bring your ideas to life !

Need a larger size sign ?

Sliding Glass Case

May we recommend our SLIDING GLASS case.
This unit is ideal for all secure
signage from 1200 x 900mm all the way up to 3000 x 1200mm
The unit features a larger aluminium frame (60 x 32mm) with twin sliding glass doors - 6mm clear or safety toughened glass.  The glass panels effortlessly slide along on metal ball bearings and the glass doors can be locked with a key as well.


Executive -  HINGED DOOR Case

Executive Hinged Door Case
The difference between our Security Case ... and our Hinged Door Case is :

It simply is a matter of convenience which you would prefer.
If the information does not change often ... we recommend the Security Case
If the information changes daily ... use the Hinged Door Case ... simply because it is easier than taking a
cover off and on ...
The hinged door case has a side screw lock (or a barrel lock & key at the front ... as an option)
The frame measures 15 x 37mm.    Mounting attachments are concealed.
Code Size
HDCX1 450 x 300mm
HDCX2 600 x 450mm
HDCX3 750 x 600mm
HDCX4 900 x 600mm
HDCX5 900 x 750mm
HDCX6 1040 x 785mm

Polished gold, Polished silver and Satin natural silver (SNA) are standard frame finishes.
Background felt colours include :  Burgundy, Black, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Smoke Grey & Brown

NOTE :   Our Hinged Door case can be adapted for a POSTER DISPLAY Case.  Click here !

Executive Desk Plate

Visionchart Executive desk plates feature changeable letters ... so changing your information has never been easier !
Manufactured from tough polystyrene plastic they are ideal for employee names or short information such as 'Reception', 'Enquiries', 'Sales' etc. Each deskplate measures approximately 200mm long x 50mm wide.  Each desk plate comes with a small plastic stand.  The background is a black grooved rubber into which 15mm letters (19mm is suitable as well ... it just means that if you use a bigger letter ... you fit less letters).
Order Code is : EXDP1.

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