For Hotels, Motels, Property Managers & Booking Agents -

Available fully printed & numbered or as blank mouldings for in-house printing of inserts from desktop publishing programmes as required.

COMPANY IMAGE - Prestige printing individually styled and coloured to promote your image.

DURABLE - Now moulded in unbreakable material. The printing is encased in a beautifully moulded, clear casing where it can't be scratched, worn or tampered with. Premium quality spring steel split key rings are supplied with tags.

SIZE - is right - nice to handle, difficult to lose.

DESIGN - the soft rounded profile looks good and won't scratch the furniture.

ACTUAL SIZE - 95mm x 45mm x 6mm (print area 78mm x 35mm).

SIDE A - printing usually consists of identity information i.e. logos, name, address, telephone and return posting information as required. This side is printed by block or colour digital printing and is essentially repetitive in message.

SIDE B - is usually reserved for printing of individual room numbers in easily read, clear bold type.

SPONSORSHIP - Keytags are an ideal advertising medium for tour operators and other tourist industry related businesses. Where identification and numbering is grouped on one side to allow for hire car firm, restaurant, tour or other sponsorship on the reverse side, the cost of the special print run for the sponsorship inserts is extra by quotation. Alternatively sponsorship printing may replace hotel identity information on Side A at no extra cost.


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